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We have over forty years of experience defending probation revocations.  You may be entitled to a bond reduction or reinstatement of probation or community control.  Whether it be a technical violation or a new arrest, as former prosecutors we know how to aggressively defend your freedom.  

We are not here to judge you, we are here to defend you.  Often a technical violation like changing your address without permission, missing an appointment with your probation officer or not paying your probation fees will result in a warrant for your arrest being issued.  We may be able to intervene and convince the prosecutor or the judge not to revoke your probation. Sean O'Halloran is a former Lee County and Charlotte County prosecutor actually defending State probation violations for over ten years.  Peter Aiken is a former Federal Prosecutor with over thirty years of experience defending Federal Probation Violations.  Our Criminal Defense firm has extensive actual courtroom experience defending criminal violations.  You may now be second-guessing your decision to accept a plea deal rather than go to trial.  Probation can sometimes be a trap for the unwary.  If you are facing a violation for a dirty urine, drug use or a more serious violation you need attorneys dedicated to keeping you out of jail.

If your are on Sex Offender Probation or on Drug Offender Probation, special conditions have been added to your probation and it is easy to slip up and accidentally do something that constitutes a violation.  To constitute a legal violation, your act or omission must be willful and substantial and not unintentional.  Some prosecutors and judges take a hard line considering they have already given you one chance. Or job is to convince them you deserve a second chance and should not be sent to prison.  There may be valid reasons for your violation and there may be other options such as treatment or counseling or house arrest.  We will explore all of the alternatives and work to resolve your case quickly so you can plan your future. 

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